Odovtos - International Journal of Dental Sciences No. 17-1, 2015

New Perspective Article
Neuroimmunological Responses to Social Isolation
Karol Gabriela Ramírez Chan DDS, MSc, Phd
A New Ceramics Approach for Contact Lens
Guilherme Carpena Lopes DDS, MS,PhD
Andressa Ballarin DDS
Case Report
Use of Distal Shoe for Premature Loss of Second Temporal Molar: A Case Report
Natalia Gutiérrez Marín DDS
Literature Review
Apex Locator: A Reliable and Easy Guide
Marco Antonio Meza Pacheco DDS
Role of the CTX Test for Evaluation of the Risk in Diagnostic and Treatment of the Osteonecrosis of the Jaws Induced by the use of Bisphosphonates
Patricia Lorz Ulloa DDS
Rodolfo Varela Guillén DDS
Occlusal Rods: Knowledge and Partial Solution
Federico Murillo Alvarado DDS, MDS
José Chan Rodríguez DDS, MDS
Original Research
Application of the Method Case: Integration Between the Theory and the Surgical Practice
Jorge Oviedo Quirós DDS, OMFS, MSc
Patricia Hernández Rivera DDS, MAE
Prevalence of Dens Invaginatus Among Children at the School of Dentistry of the University of Costa Rica
Violeta Bolaños López DDS