Odovtos - International Journal of Dental Sciences No. 16-2014

New Perspective Article
Clinical Challenges on Adhesive Dentistry on its 60th Anniversary
Neimar Sartori DDS, MS, PhD
Hydrofluoric Acid – Simple Things You May Do Not Know About Something You Are So Habituated To Use
Guilherme Carpena Lopes DDS, MS,PhD
Andressa Ballarin DDS
Literature Review
Possible Link Between Chronic Periodontal Disease and Central Nervous System Pathologies
Karol Gabriela Ramírez Chan DDS- Periodontist, MSc, PhD
Embodiment of Early Psychosocial Adversity and Allostatic Load Using a Life Course Perspective: A Review
Cristina Barboza Solís DDS, MSc.
Original Clinical Research
Clinical Evaluation of Direct Composite Resin Restorations in Fractured Anterior Teeth
Juan Carlos Ramírez Barrantes DDS, MS, PhD
Edson Araujo Jr DDS, MS, PhD
Luiz Narciso Baratieri DDS, MS, PhD
Prevalence of fractures in upper Front incisors and its relationship with overjet in Costa Rica
Joseph Ulate Jiménez DDS
Ronald de la Cruz Rojas DDS
Amelogenesis Imperfecta. The Likelihood of Genetic Transmission to the Next Generation in Costa Rican Families
Gina Murillo Knudsen DDS, MDSc
Sandra Silva de la Fuente MQC, M. Sc
Mariana Mata Martínez DDS
María José Esquivel Hidalgo DDS
Original Laboratory Research
Effect of Different Silane-Containing Solutions on Glass-Ceramic/Cement Bonding Interacting with Dual-Cure Resin Cements
Fabián Murillo Gómez DDS, Msc
Mário Fernando De Góes DDS, Msc, PhD
Evaluation of Marginal Seal and Microleakage of a Sealant Modified with Silver Nanoparticles in Primary Molars: In Vitro Study
Elisa Morales Quiroga DDS
Alan Martínez Zumarán DDS, MS
Juan Francisco Hernández Sierra MD, MS
Keila Alvarado Estrada MS
Amaury Pozos Guillén DDS, PhD
Soft Drink Influence on Margin Integrity in Composite Resin Restorations
David Lafuente M. DDS, MS
Karol Abad G. DDS
Ex Vivo Evaluation of the Efficacy of Antibiotic Pastes Used as Intracanal Medication
Melissa Cristina Calderón Brenes MQC
Evelyn Rodríguez Cavallini MQC, MSc
Microbial Leakage of EnterococcusFaecalis of Temporary Restorative Materials in Endodontic Treatment
José Pablo Meneses Guzmán DDS
Evelyn Loaiza Azofeifa DDS, MS