Odovtos - International Journal of Dental Sciences No. 17-3, 2015

New Perspective Article
From Black to Contemporary Cariology: Learning to Look at the Same Lesions with a Different Perspective
Sylvia Gudiño Fernández DDS, MPH
Eduardo Julio Lanata DDS, PhD
Literature Review
Molar Incisor Hipomineralization, a Clinical Entity Never Described Before in Costa Rican Children
Joseph Ulate Jiménez DDS
Sylvia Gudiño Fernández DDS, MPH
Class II Angle in prosthetic treatment: Limitations and Functional Disadvantages
José Chan Rodríguez DDS, MDS
Federico Murillo Alvarado DDS, MDS
Case Report
Extra-Oral Fistula Associated with Sialolithiasis in Whartons duct. Case Report
Danny Obando Solano DDS
José Manuel Fernández Chaves DDS
Radix Entomolaris
Carlos Filloy Esna DDS
Original Laboratory Research
Spectroscopic Analysis of the Precipitate Formed by Mixing Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Marianella Benavides G. DDS
Erick Hernández M. DDS
A Comparative Study of Shear Debonding Strengh Between New Brackets, Air-Abrasion and Recycled Brackets: An In Vitro Analysis
Tony Sánchez Achío
Original Clinical Research
Dental and Emotional Perception in Individuals Affected by Amelogenesis Imperfecta
Gina Murillo Knudsen DDS, MDSc
Fabián Morales Cordero DDS
Luis Carlos Gamboa Chaves DDS
Ana María Meza Monge DDS
Ana Cristina López Torres DDS
Validation of an Instrument to Determine the Level of Satisfaction of Patients Rehabilitated with Removable Prosthesis
Anabelle Valverde Leiva DDS
Tatiana Vargas Koudriavtsev DDS, MSc
Ottón Fernández López DDS, MSc